Dr. Lin's classes were intense but fun.

I learned a lot of new stuff about human biology and diseases.

On the first day, I met all the other campers at the Medical Biology Camp and we introduced ourselves.

I visited a medical school and learned how to take vital signs, perform CPR, and do many medical procedures on a medical mannequin, whose name is Fred. I was sad to leave Fred.

I had a lot of fun at the outdoor challenge course. I also went to a high-tech place, two amusement parks, the beach, and a lot of other fun places. I had a great time at the camp.

My favorite two activities at the camp were rock-climbing and playing basketball. The rock-climbing place was awesome!

Even though we had a lot of fun, all of the campers studied really hard for the final and the medicine bowl. It was nice to win an award at the competition! Overall, it was an awesome 10 days.