James Lin, M.A., M.D.
Instructor: AP Biology, Biology Olympiad

B.A. in Biology, UC Berkeley, Magna Cum Laude

M.A. in Biology

M.D., Doctor of Medicine


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Math & Coding Instructor, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Instructor: AMC, Computing Olympiad

#1 in Chinese National Math Olympiad

Ph.D. in Computer Science, USC

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, USC

Jes Roca, Ph.D.
Instructor: AP Physics, Physics Olympiad

B.A. in Physics, UC Berkeley

Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University

John Evans, Ph.D.
Instructor: AP Physics, Physics Olympiad

B.S. in Physics, UC Berkeley

M.S. in Physics, UCLA

Ph.D. in Physics, UCLA

Martha Vasquez, B.A.
Instructor: Language Arts, SAT English

B.A., University of Hawaii

Ning Zhang, Ph.D.
Instructor: AP Chemistry, Chemistry Olympiad

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Postdoc in Chemistry, Cornell University

Postdoc in Chemistry, Columbia University