The 2017 Medical Biology Camp almost didn't happen. The recent US political climate caused massive cancelations of enrollment from overseas, and a consequent change in venue from UCSD to UCR resulted in many more enrolled campers pulling out at the last moment. Guess they forgot who would be teaching the classes at the camp. Nevertheless, the 2017 Medical Biology Camp turned out to be a fantastic and memorable experience thanks to the 4 wonderful campers.


The Medical Biology Camp is first and foremost a camp for extensive and intensive learning about medicine. The campers review molecular cell biology and human physiology, learn about many human diseases in different systems, and receive training in clinical procedures and physical examination. They take daily lesson tests and a final and compete in the practice Medicine Bowl. In 10 days, every camper will acquire a vast amount of new knowledge in medical biology.

Fun and Friendships

Besides learning, the campers also had great fun in activities such as outdoor challenge course, rock-climbing, basketball, swimming, and trips to museums, historical sites, and amusement parks. They also forged great friendships among them.


UCR has great food, spacious dorm rooms, nice classroom, and great service. We had such a great experience that we will hold another Medical Biology Camp at UCR again, in addition to two other ones at UCSD and UCLA.

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